Charitable Donations
Charitable Donations

You can maintain or substantially improve your financial position by unlocking the hidden value of your unwanted or unaffordable life insurance via a charitable donation. Every year, seniors over the age of 70 lapse or surrender almost $7 billion of insurance that they might otherwise donate to a charity. You can pay down debt, make major purchases or replenish retirement savings by accessing the value you deserve after paying premiums for decades.


Advantages of Donating a Life Insurance Policy

•You obtain a tax receipt for 10%-50% of the face value of the policy (even for term policies that have no “cash surrender value”)
•You convert a “worthless or low cash value policy” into cash in your pocket when you file your income taxes
•Eliminate the burden of annual premium expenses
•A Foundation becomes the owner and beneficiary, and it funds the premiums and collects the benefit upon maturity


Maintain Financial Independence

•Fund retirement living or long-term care expenses through lowered income taxes as a result of the tax receipt
•Reallocate proceeds from the tax receipt and savings to income producing financial assets or annuities
•Reduce or pay off outstanding shares


Which policies are suitable?

•Term, Whole life, Universal, or Term-to-100 policies
•Insured lives over 70 years old
•In-force greater than 2 years
•Policies between $50,000 and $10 million


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